Control Room

Photos from the Control Room at the Moat House

Protools HD 32×16
Apogee AD3000 Converter
Longframe 1/4″ Patchbay
API 3124 Mic pres
Five Fish Mic pres (6x)
Langevin Dual Vocal Combo
Distressor Compressor
Orban 622B EQ, Presonus ACP88
Meek VCQ1, Boulder/Jensen Mic pres
Dan Alexander Neve clones
Chamelion Labs 7506 stereo comp
Dbx 160A (3x), Urei/JBL 7110 (2x)
Focusrite ISA220
…And more stuff with knobs and lights.

Guitar Amps:
Marshall JMP “dookie mod”
Marshall JCM 2000
Marshall JCM 800 2204
Peavey 6505
Randall R100 (9 pres)
Fender Bassman Silverface
MESA-BOOGIE Dual Rectifier
Traynor Reverb Master
Crate 600/900/1200
Marshall Lead 15 — Smokey Amp
ADA MP-1, Radial Injector

Bass Amps:
Ampeg SVT-AV
Ampeg Pro 3, 4 + 5
Ampeg BSP Pre
GK 400

Speaker Cabinets:
Marshall 1960A 4×12
Marshall 1936 2×12
ADA 2×12
Orange 1×12
Custom Green 1×12
Custom Siesmic 1×12
Carvin 2×15
Ampeg 8×10

oh, man, i have a ton, lets see
Ibanez TS9, Z-Vez Fuzz Factory, Seek Wah
Dunlop Wah, Danelectro Fab Tone and DanEcho,
and some of those ones named after foods.
Blood Drive, Metal Zone, Heavy Metal, Tube Works Tube Driver
Big Muff, Small Stone, Envelope Filter,
BBE Two-Timer, Freq Boost, Metal Master
I’m forgetting lots of ’em