I’m looking to work with dedicated bands and artists.
Rock, punk, ska, reggae, jazz, pop-punk, rock-a-billy, acoustic, alternative, solo…
Whatever rocks-bands. (I don’t really ‘make beats’ unless i’m playing real drums.)

I can Track full live bands. Or Mult-track. Or overdub everything…
Whatever works and feels best is usually the best way to record.

I can Mix tracks we record together, or mix tracks you recorded at home or elsewhere. I’m using a hybird mixing technique using protools for automation and plug-ins, but analog summing. Upload your audio tracks to me via web transfer, and i can mix them until we’re both happy.

I can Master tracks I’ve mixed, or final mixes you send me at a very reasonable rate.

I can Produce and Arrange songs to make them shine and bring out their strongest elements.

Anyone can buy a laptop and record stuff, but the experience and knowledge to get all the parts of a recording working together is just not included with the software.

PRICING: I don’t like to price things by the hour. No one likes to stare at a clock when you’re trying to be creative. Prices for full projects or mixing and mastering really depend on how sweet you wanna make it sound, and how long that’s gonna take, and maybe even how good you are at guitar hero. It can vary depending on how many songs, but I’m usually doing things on a per song basis. It could be more affordable than you’d think.
Send me a message and lets talk about your recording and what we can do!

Some tunes i've worked on
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